Vinyl Fence


Sometimes called PVC fencing, vinyl fences are becoming more popular due to their high durability factor. The most common styles are full privacy, semi privacy, spaced picket and ranch rail fence. Standard colors are white, beige and gray. Our Grand Illusions line offers the following: the "Landscape Series"- 8 colors in low gloss matte finish, patio white, tan, sea coast gray, eastern green, black, brown. barn red and adobe.

The "Estate Series" offers a rainbow of 24 colors allowing you to match siding, shutters, trim, etc. Click the Illusions link for full color spectrum.

The "Wood Bond Series" offer 5 wood grain styles with the unmatched detail of real wood. Vinyl fence is an excellent choice instead of wood, and will last for decades. Vinyl is a very low maintenance product that just needs a quick wash now and then.



Tru-Line Fence